Chemical Pre-Treatments

Chemical pre-treatments refer to any chemicals that are used to prepare a metal surface for powder coating and can include chemicals used in the cleansing phase. Pre-treatments also include chemicals used to induce reactions on metal surfaces in order to maximize the effectiveness of powder coating. The type of treatments used typically depend on the base metal surface and the desired finish for a particular job.

Conversion Coating

spraying chemical conversion for powder coatingConversion Coating is a term that is used to describe the chemicals which are used to induce chemical reactions on metal surfaces. These are used to serve three main purposes:

  • provide temporary protection to metal surfaces between cleansing and powder coatings
  • maximize adhesion of powder coat finishes to a substrate
  • create an extra layer below the top surface to inhibit corrosion (extending the life of powder coating)

Which are three very important jobs. This step not only increases the aesthetic qualities of a finish, but it also extends the life of the finish, which saves our customers time and money. Some typical types of conversion coating include:

  • Chromium Phosphate
  • Zinc Phosphate
  • Iron Phosphate
  • Chromate

Pilkington Professionals

finished powder coated partsThe ideal chemical conversion depends on several variables, which is why it is important to have knowledgeable and experienced professionals setup each job individually. Improper conversion coating can lead to some serious problems like reduced resistance to weathering, reduced mechanical performance and poor adhesion of powder coating finishes.

Our powder coating experts have the knowledge that can only be earned through years of experience. They know that each job is properly pre-treated to ensure the highest quality finished products. Don’t settle for less than Pilkington’s experienced professionals and Current ISO Certification.