Powder Coating

Electro-Static Application of Various Coatings,
with Superior Pre-Treatments



Powder Coating is a unique metal finish where dry powder made of resin, pigments, flow modifiers, and other curing agents is applied to a product using static electricity. Then, the part is oven cured and the coating produces strong molecular chains, which causes the powder to melt and create a uniform film. This metal finishing process of powder coating is relatively new, developed around 40 years ago.

Powder coating offers high value return on your finishing investment. It’s stronger than even the leading high temperature and age-resistant paints. Powders are available in a wide variety of colors, textures and chemistries to deliver cost effective coating performance for your products.

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Our Process

We consistently follow the same documented process to obtain a truly high-quality and long-lasting anodize finish. Many steps are involved, including the following:

Media Blasting and Chemical Cleaning – We use several techniques to ensure that your product is properly cleaned. One of these techniques is media blasting, which involves firing fine grained pellets at metal materials to eliminate impurities and irregularities. Chemical cleaning techniques include ultrasonic vapor degreasing, acid wash, and alkaline cleaning; all of which are designed to efficiently clean materials while assisting in preparation for further treatment.

Chemical Pre-Treatments – After cleaning, your product is pre-treated to best prepare the metal for a long-lasting finish. Both Chemical conversion coating and iron phosphating can be used in this pre-treatment process. In chemical conversion coating, the surface material is actually converted into the coating layer through an electro-chemical process. Iron phosphating presents oxidation of the metal and provides further corrosion resistance.

Primer – By applying our Zinc Rich Epoxy primer to your product, we prepare the surface for further coating and enhance the look and durability of the top coat.


Top Coat – In the last step of the powder coating process, we apply your specified grade and color of powder. We are certified applicators of Akzo Nobel, Tiger Drylac, TCI, and Spraylat powders. These powders meet AAMA 2603, 2604, and 2605 specifications.


Durability – Some architectural jobs require a monumental grade finish. Our thorough pre-treatment processes, combined with our highest quality powders are meant to last 20 years without any sign of degradation. This is unmatched in the field of metal finishing. In order to ensure this lifespan, it’s important that every step is executed with precision and according to recommendation. Our experiences qualifies us to guarantee no less than what our metal finishing is designed to endure.


Cost – Due to their extremely long life span, most powder coated products offer significant economic advantages. Powder Coating with Pilkington is one way to avoid all those expensive maintenance costs caused by a faulty finish. Powder coating protects from corrosion, weathering, and chemicals that other finishes cannot withstand, which in turn ensures protection against maintenance costs that no one should have to pay for.


Color Selection – Countless color and texture options are available for powder coating products. Order your exact color match, or lower the cost by choosing from hundreds of our stocked powders.


Substrates – unlike many metal finishing processes, powder coating can be applied to a variety of metal alloys.  We take pride in our ability to apply our powder coating process to a greater variety of metals than you may have thought possible. Powder Coating with Pilkington is the best way to make sure that, whatever your metal finishing needs, your product will come out in tip-top shape.


Environmentally Friendly – By applying dry resin in the form of powder to your product, we are able to bypass the release of pollution-forming chemicals into the atmosphere. Many of our architectural customers have earned LEED credit by designating powder-applied coatings rather than traditional solvent-based liquid coatings for store front, railing, fencing and other architectural components.

Size Capabilities

From small, detailed medical device components to 30’ x10’ x10’ spiral staircases, Pilkington has the right personnel, equipment and facility to finish your products accurately and consistently. Our high-bay building, forklifts, hoists and fleet of trucks can handle large, heavy components. We’re equally accustomed to precisely finishing delicate aluminum parts.

Equipment Size Capability
Powder Coating Booth 28′ × 9′ × 9′
Curing Oven 28′ × 9′ × 9′
Media Blasting Booth 28′ × 8′ × 16′
Conversion Coating / Aluminum Cleaning Tank Line 13′ × 3′ × 4.5′
Iron Phosphate / Spray Wash Station 22′ × 9′ × 8′

Applicable Specifications

Specification Title Customer
AAMA 2603 Performance Requirements and Test Procedures for Pigmented Organic Coatings on Aluminum Extrusions and Panels Industry Standard
AAMA 2604 Performance Requirements and Test Procedures for High Performance Organic Coatings on Aluminum Extrusions and Panels Industry Standard
AAMA 2605 Performance Requirements and Test Procedures for Superior Performing Organic Coatings on Aluminum Extrusions and Panels Industry Standard
CS0033 Test Methods and Approval Process for Paints Paccar