Non Destructive Testing

NDT, Dye-Penetrant Inspection




Detailed Penetrant Inspection techniques reveal possible cracks, voids and inclusions in critical aerospace parts. Both high volume and high sensitivity processes are utilized. Our inspectors are knowledgeable, experienced with aerospace parts and very skilled in the utilized inspection methods.

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Our Process

By meeting rigorous 3rd party requirements, we maintain our Nadcap and ISO certifications. Nadcap is a method used by the aerospace industry to ensure that process quality requirements are communicated, understood, and carried out by all suppliers. While this certification is technically specific to aerospace work, all of our customers’ products are subjected to stringent and refined process controls as a result.

Pilkington also maintains a dedicated customer service and accounting department, separate from the operators performing the service. Customer questions are answered by knowledgeable and helpful members of our team.

Size Capabilities

NOTE: We maintain portable penetrant testing equipment and can inspect up to 40′ lengths or products off-site.

Equipment Size Capability
Dryer 5′ × 29″ × 32″

Applicable Specifications

Specification Title Customer
ASTM E1417 Standard Practice for Liquid Penetrant Testing Industry Standard
BAC5423 Penetrant Methods of Inspection Boeing
BSS7039 Liquid Penetrant Inspection Boeing
DPS4.707 Penetrant Inspection (Fluorescent) Boeing