Graphics Application

Screen Printing, Pad Printing, Laser Engraving



At Pilkington Metal Finishing, We offer both Screen Printing and Vinyl Graphics Application. Our screen printing process allows for durable and intricate captions or graphics to be added to your product. Some of our past customers have used screen printing on large outdoor signs, electrical panels, intricate board games, and branding.

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Our Process

Q. How large can you screen print?
We have screen printed as large as 15′, however, screen printing is made for longer production runs on electronic type equipment. Front panels, brackets, Chassis etc.

Q. What if my part isn’t flat?
Often times we are able to apply graphics to uneven surfaces. We would first need to see a drawing or the part itself. Screen printing is meant for flat surfaces, but our pad printing is available for more complicated parts.

Q. How can I send you my graphic?
We can work with PDF but the best is an EPS or AI file saved as out lines. Please send the AI file for Illustrator version CS2.

Q. How durable is the finished print?
The durability of the print is dependent on many factors. We use the highest quality systems to assure a high quality finish.

Q. How large can you pad print?
We can pad print within a 2.75″ diameter.

Our Screen Printing Process
Use our in-house screen printing to your advantage. Know that our highly experienced screen printing will be customized to fit your needs. Screen printing can be done on a wide variety of substrates.

Our Graphics Application Process
We also offer vinyl graphics application as a support service to you, our valued customer. We can add the graphics which you provide onto any substrate with our vinyl graphics application.

Size Capabilities

Equipment Size Capability
Screen Printing 5′ × 5′
Pad Printing 2.75″ Diameter
Laser Engraving 7″ Diameter