About Us

Pilkington Metal Finishing provides finishing services for the precision metal industry. We offer certified anodizing, conversion coating, NDT, heat treating, powder coating, liquid spray coating, electropolishing, and graphics application. Servicing the metal finishing needs of many industries including aerospace, architectural, medical, military, mining and sporting goods.

Our 78,000 sq. ft. facility, located 5 minutes from the Salt Lake City international airport, employs a diverse and dedicated team of over 200 employees.

We are Nadcap certified, meeting rigorous standards for aerospace finishing, and ISO 9001:2008 registered. We also meet various customer and industry specifications. Quality is an integral part of the way Pilkington conducts business.



In 1981 Van Pilkington, with the help of his father, began refurbishing medical equipment through a small tank line in a simple cinder-block garage. Backed by a loyal and dedicated staff, Pilkington gradually expanded the business into the fields of liquid painting and anodizing.

Van laid the foundation of trusted industry relationships through honesty, hard work, and dedication to his customers – always fulfilling his commitments.

By holding to the values defined in our Mission Statement, we have gained the trust of many loyal customers. When our customers use Pilkington Metal Finishing for all their metal finishing needs, they know they can trust us to follow these principles set out in our Mission Statement.

Mission Statement

“Pilkington Metal Finishing shall be known for providing consistent, courteous, high quality service by:

  • Respecting the customers and their products
  • Meeting our commitments, and
  • Operating in a clean, safe environment.”
Quality Policy

“As an employee of Pilkington Metal Finishing,

  • Cooperating with fellow employees,
  • Providing service in a timely professional manner,
  • Understanding and helping with the needs of the customer, and
  • Following procedures to continuously improve our processes.”
Executive Profiles
Van Pilkington – President

In 1981, Van Pilkington started a company that would become Pilkington Metal Finishing. Long before constructing the 78,000 square foot facility the company operates from today, Van laid the foundation of trusted industry relationships through honesty, hard work, and dedication to his customers – always fulfilling his commitments.

Pilkington’s fair, straight-forward philosophy of service has been instrumental in keeping the trust of many highly valued customers. His customers always appreciate Van’s attention to detail and commitment to the metal finishing industry. These same traits have made Van a respected employer – a designation he’s had throughout his career. Pilkington has been successful in finding, developing, and retaining many talented employees throughout his career.

Growing up in Utah, Van took part in various extra-curricular activities at Bountiful High School, including his participation in the Mormon Youth Symphony as one of its youngest members. After completing a successful two-year LDS mission to the Netherlands, Van graduated from the University of Utah with a B.A. in Organizational Communication, emphasis in Business.

Van was also a member of the world-renown Mormon Tabernacle Choir for over 10 years as well as working within the Boy Scout organization (raising 5 scouts of his own). Van has a love for Utah and is proud of his personal and professional relationships.

David L. Pilkington – Vice President over Operations

David partnered with Van in 1992 and has been a practical and visionary force behind Pilkington Metal Finishing. At 6’4”, he’s been a major catalyst of growth with an imaginative and steady confidence about the future of the company. With a strong mathematical mind, he oversees the company’s operations – always sticking to the numbers.

As Operations Manager, David oversees Anodizing, Powder Coating, Precision Liquid Coating, Refurbishing, and Warehousing at Pilkington. David also directs the purchasing, installation, and maintenance of the abundant equipment housed at Pilkington.

Since his first Erector Set, David has always been passionate about mechanics and simply learning how things work. He is very well read and is always trying to expand his intellect. David holds a B.S. in Geophysics and has extensive experience in the oil and gas exploration industry.

Pilkington enjoys spending time with his family. He likes boating, traveling, hiking, and the Utah Jazz.

Wayne L. VanTassell – Quality Director

With the addition of Wayne VanTassell to the Pilkington Metal Finishing team in 2005, the company has gained substantial credibility through many rigorous accreditations. These include the prestigious Nadcap certifications of Aerospace Quality Systems, Chemical Processing, NonDestructive Testing, and Heat Treating.

Wayne brings 30 years of business and engineering experience to Pilkington including a background in operations and quality management within aerospace, military, semiconductor, automotive, and chemical processing industries. For five years prior to Pilkington, VanTassell was the Quality Director for Williams International.

By understanding the importance of strict process, Wayne has implemented numerous systems for Pilkington according to specification and regulatory compliance. This translates to consistency and trust to elite companies like Boeing.

Wayne received a B.S. in Chemical Engineering from Brigham Young University. VanTassell is also certified SIX SIGMA Black Belt and completed Lean Manufacturing training.

Wayne enjoys being with his family, gardening, and instrumental/vocal music. He is also a member of the Mormon Tabernacle Choir.