About Us

Pilkington Metal Finishing provides finishing services for the precision metal industry. We offer certified anodizing, conversion coating, NDT, heat treating, powder coating, liquid spray coating, electropolishing, and graphics application. Servicing the metal finishing needs of many industries including aerospace, architectural, medical, military, mining and sporting goods.

Our 78,000 sq. ft. facility, located 5 minutes from the Salt Lake City international airport, employs a diverse and dedicated team of over 200 employees.

We are Nadcap certified, meeting rigorous standards for aerospace finishing, and ISO 9001:2008 registered. We also meet various customer and industry specifications. Quality is an integral part of the way Pilkington conducts business.



In 1981 Van Pilkington, with the help of his father, began refurbishing medical equipment through a small tank line in a simple cinder-block garage. Backed by a loyal and dedicated staff, Pilkington gradually expanded the business into the fields of liquid painting and anodizing.

Van laid the foundation of trusted industry relationships through honesty, hard work, and dedication to his customers – always fulfilling his commitments.

By holding to the values defined in our Mission Statement, we have gained the trust of many loyal customers. When our customers use Pilkington Metal Finishing for all their metal finishing needs, they know they can trust us to follow these principles set out in our Mission Statement.

Mission Statement

“Pilkington Metal Finishing shall be known for providing consistent, courteous, high quality service by:

  • Respecting the customers and their products
  • Meeting our commitments, and
  • Operating in a clean, safe environment.”
Quality Policy

“As an employee of Pilkington Metal Finishing,

  • Cooperating with fellow employees,
  • Providing service in a timely professional manner,
  • Understanding and helping with the needs of the customer, and
  • Following procedures to continuously improve our processes.”
Executive Profiles
Van Pilkington – President

Years with the company: 37
B.A. in Applied Business Communications | University of Utah

Van is the President and Founder of Pilkington Metal Finishing. He started
the company alongside his father from a cinderblock garage in 1981. Van has an innate ability to gather together talented and hard-working people and is proud of the Pilkington team, now 220+ employees strong. His committment to customer satisfaction and premier quality have been guiding principles of Pilkington Metal Finishing for the past 37 years.

David L. Pilkington – Vice President over Operations

Years with the company: 28
B.S. of Geophysics | University of Utah
David has been a practical and visionary force behind Pilkington Metal Finishing since he joined his brother Van in 1990. David has been a major catalyst of growth with an imaginative and consistent confidence about the future of the company. With a strong mathematical mind, he oversees the company’s operations – always sticking to the numbers.

Wayne L. VanTassell – Quality Director

Years with the company: 12
B.S. in Chemical Engineering | Brigham Young University

With the addition of Wayne VanTassell to the Pilkington Metal Finishing team in 2005, the company has gained substantial credibility through many rigorous accreditations. These include the prestigious Nadcap certifications. Wayne brings over 35 years of experience from a myriad of industries. By pairing his expansive knowledge of specifications with his profound sense of process, Wayne has prepared Pilkington to meet the quality needs of the most discerning of customers.